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Whether your location is a single or multi-family home, Hawthorne's trained and certified contractors are always on hand to help meet your plumbing, heating and cooling needs.



Hawthorne provides quality plumbing and HVAC services for commercial properties including restaurants, warehouses, office buildings and more.

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5/2/2016 - Peter Mansky

Review for Jake G. Plumbing Inspection. Jake was on time. He was polite, responsive to questions and knowledgeable regarding my house plumbing. He was thorough and efficient. This is important to me because I have 4 1/2 full bathrooms, double kitchen sink, web bar and utility room. He found things about my hot water system that needed adjustment and clearly explained why he had performed the adjustments. His rap up at the end was clear and precise. He did not push sales but was informative. He is the best I have had over my 12 years in Las Vegas. I hope he can continue to service my home.

4/8/2016 - Wesley Thurman

I am a master plumber in Minnesota. I was very impressed with Jacob G. Jacob took very good care of my mother in Las Vegas. I am a roving Superintendent with Gilbert mechanical in Edina Minnesota. I would hire him in an instant. I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Hawthorne is the only plumbing company that will work on my mother's house (when I can't be there)! Thank you again Hawthorne...and Jacob G. Wesley.

4/8/2016 - Rebecca DeWitt

Jake is great!! Explained everything to me and was very thorough about every part of his job. I for sure give 2 thumbs up and would refer him to anyone needing plumbing work done! Thanks Jake!

4/5/2016 - Kevin Callahan

Jacob was very professional and alterted me to all potential trouble areas for preventative purposes! Thank you, Jacob!

3/30/2016 - Lauren B.

Jacob was very helpful and honest.  Recognized and diagnosed the problem with my water heater right away, didn't gouge me on price, and was easy to talk to.  Explained everything very thoroughly, and for someone who doesn't know a thing about water heaters, I really appreciate that!  Was on time and the overall experience was as easy as it could be.  Oh!! And the Customer Service Manager, Kathleen, very helpful and great over the phone.  I deal with people over the phone all the time and she was accurate, prompt, understanding, and professional....things you NEVER seem to experience nowadays!!! Thanks to everyone!

3/30/2016 - Catherine O'sterloh

Kyle was fantastic. Very professional and gave me the impression that he really cared about my home and my welfare. He came on time, very polite and took his time.