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Why is Your AC on the Roof in Nevada

Why is Your AC on the Roof in Nevada

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If you’re visiting Nevada or you just moved there, you might notice the typical air conditioning system is installed not on the wall but on the roof.

This is because a rooftop AC on the roof offers many advantages if you live in a state with warm weather. So what are the benefits of installing a rooftop air conditioner?

Why Is Your Air Conditioning System On Your Roof?

Rooftop AC units have been consistently growing in popularity. Today, it’s not uncommon to see buildings in residential areas with machines that are not at ground level but up on the roof.

The reasons for this choice are varied, but the main benefit of rooftop air conditioners tends to be their ability to easily circulate cold air through your home and route it, so the warm air rises where it’s supposed to. The main benefits of a rooftop AC unit include:

Better Cool Air and Warm Air Transfer

  • While the cool air can be distributed throughout your house, the warmer air instantly travels up to the higher levels and can exit your home more easily.
  • Energy Efficiency and Cost
  • Because you require less energy to move the air, a rooftop air conditioner can help you conserve energy and spend less on cooling bills. The setup is significantly more energy-efficient than ground-mounted unit systems.


Easier Maintenance Checks

  • If a problem occurs with your air conditioning rooftop unit, you can perform repairs more quickly because the entire system is managed from the same single location. The same applies to maintenance and service checks.


Adds Value to Your Home

  • If your property has rooftop air conditioning, its equity increases because you know buyers will be looking for the most efficient ways to keep the building cool.


More AC System Options

  • A rooftop unit tends to be more compact and smaller than other air conditioning systems. The machines don’t just perform better and circulate air faster but also look more attractive on the outside of your home.

Maintaining a Rooftop Air Conditioner

All cooling systems will eventually face issues. If you need to perform a routine service or maintenance check-up, here are some suggestions for making the best of your rooftop units:

  • Regularly maintain and replace filters: Filters can be clogged with dirt and dust particles and reduce the airflow of your air conditioner. Making sure your filters are functioning correctly is one of the best ways to ensure a longer lifespan for your AC unit.
  • Clean your condenser coils and evaporator: Both of these parts help remove heat from the air but can also become dirty the more you use your system. Make sure you call a maintenance company to check on them regularly.
  • Inspect the outside: Regularly inspect the outside of your air conditioning unit so you can quickly notice any issues with covers and connections.
  • Maintain your inlet screen: This component protects the inside of your AC system. It also collects dirt, dust, leaves, and other particles.
  • Get professional help: Professional AC installers can recommend the best tools and regulations to make sure your machine lasts longer in top condition.

So, Why a Rooftop AC Unit in Nevada?

For hot climate areas like Nevada, an efficient AC unit is more than a comfort choice; it can actually be a necessity and a way to keep your air cleaner and your family safer.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the Nevada dry and warm weather patterns also cause an increase in dirt and dust. Even when a rooftop-mounted AC unit requires regular maintenance, this setup still offers many benefits.

A rooftop AC unit can improve your health, cut down on your energy bills, and help you live in a stress-free environment. It also saves space and can make your property more attractive. Lastly, rooftop air conditioning is easy to install and convenient to maintain.

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