Celebrating International Women's Day - March 8, 2016!


Judi Akins [Accounting Manager]

“I am a senior citizen with no desire to retire!”

This International Women's Day we are happy to highlight Judi Akins, our accounting manager.

Judi started her career in the office of a concrete construction company owned by family, where she became interested in job cost analysis and following a project from proposal to completion. She later left the business to embark on a successful real estate career. This is where she developed a strong sense of customer service.

She left that business after ten years to once again for another position with family – marrying her accounting and customer service skills – this time in plumbing.

Judi's favorite thing about her job is the employees, all of whom she thinks of as family. “I like teaching. Most of our staff stated at an entry level and have worked their way into higher paying positions with more responsibility. I take pride in their success.”

Judi is motivated to evolve with the changes in business and the owner's vision of the future for the company. Seeing the whole team encompassed in that vision, and succeeding, is one of her biggest rewards.

“I would encourage women to think about getting into the service industry as a career,” Judi says. “I am not just referring to office management. I look forward to the day we have a woman as one of our operation managers!”

Lynda Bailey [Accounting]

“You give 110% at anything you do, your efforts will reward you 10 times more than it cost you.”

Lynda started her career at the age of 15 in her family's business. All of her knowledge of accounting was gained in high school and on the job experience. Her favorite thing about her job is working for three companies – Hawthorne Plumbing, Ben Franklin Reno and Ben Franklin Folsom. “We are all one family and we help and inspire each other,” she says.

In keeping with that family feel, Lynda is motivated to make sure everything runs smoothly for technicians in the field.

Her advice to other women, “My dad always told me, if you give 110% at anything you do, your efforts will reward you 10 times more than it cost you. I have tried to live by this – giving 110% in everything I do and feel that the good feeling you get about yourself is your greatest reward.”