Opportunities to Keep Your Home and Community Water Quality Safe


Home owners have the opportunity to provide clean, safe and healthy water for their families. What many do not realize is they also have the ability to take actionable steps in preventing contamination and helping to protect water sources.

August is National Water Quality Month and Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating and Cooling has the following tips for homeowners to increase positive impact on water within their region:

  • Practice Good Water Management: Avoid activities that could use an excessive amount of water such as car washing. Large amounts of water can result in fertilizer and/or chemical runoff into the groundwater which is an important source of drinking water.
  • Know Your Water Supply: Municipal water suppliers provide free information on water quality and particulates, contaminants, bacteria and other factors affecting their water supply. Homeowners can request that information directly from the municipal supplier or check their water quality with the EWG Tap Water Database.
  • Check for Water Hardness: Hard water promotes staining and scaling throughout your home's piping, fixtures, appliances and clothing. A water softener protects against hard water and extends the life of your fixtures and appliances while keeping your clothes looking fresher and cleaner.
  • Clean Up Maintenance Messes: Proper cleaning after boat or car maintenance at the home helps ensure harmful materials do not wash into the water supply. Homeowners can use cat litter for oil spills, harsh cleaners and weed killers to help soak up excess and dispose of it in the trash.
  • Manage the Drain and Drain System: Anti-bacterial soaps or harsh cleaning products can damage drains but are also harmful to the environment. Experts suggest using non-toxic cleaning agents and household products when possible - and avoiding disposal of expired or unwanted medicines, anti-freeze or motor oil inside your home or in storm drains.
  • Find Out About Water Filtration: High quality water filtration systems, installed by a professional, can help ensure you and your family have safe and healthy water for drinking and bathing without the risks of contaminants, pollutants and particulates. You might save money on purchasing bottled water, too.
  • Request an In-Home Water Test: Many home service companies, including Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, offer free in-home water testing. Testing your home's water will provide peace of mind and let you know what steps you should consider taking to ensure in-home water quality.

For more information about water quality or request your free in-home water quality test, contact us today!