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Furnace Installation Services | Hawthorne PHC

Experiencing a day without heating will make you understand the importance of acquiring a heating system, that you could even settle for an average furnace. Nobody wants to sit at home with five layers of clothing. We mean, that's your comfort zone. Further, it would be best to have experienced technicians to install your furnace.

Furnace Installations

We, Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling, are a trusted team in Las Vegas. Our licensed technicians are capable of handling any installation, repair, and maintenance needs. We've been in the heating services industry for 15 years; thus, offering you peace of mind while we install your furnace. Keeping your family comfortable is our main priority; therefore, we will find the best furnace solutions for your needs. May it be a furnace replacement, or an electric furnace installation, tapping us would sweep your cold problems away.

Give our friendly staff a call to learn more about the installation of your new furnace.

Wish to get a furnace installed within your home?

A home without a furnace or with a malfunctioning furnace can be uncomfortable to live in. Imagine having to do the chores with an icy breeze. You won't regret preparing your home for winter and chilly nights.

Make your home extra comfortable by working with a reliable heating company. Get in touch with the furnace experts in Hawthorne PHC, and feel the warmth immediately!

Hawthorne PHC and its Services

Furnace Installation

The furnace is your heat source throughout the winter, so without it, think how you would be able to survive freezing nights and days? Whether you have a single-speed furnace, a two-stage furnace, or any type of furnace installed in your home, ensure that furnace service experts will handle it. It's a massive home improvement project, so a well-thought-out heating installation must happen.

Furnace Replacement

Your current furnace might not be doing its job well anymore, and repairs won't be able to fix it. Therefore, you might need a complete furnace replacement. Enjoy the coziness while your bills decrease.

Furnace Repair

Furnaces, without a doubt, get broken. And the best way to eliminate the unnecessary cost of repairs is to hire a trained and experienced team, as they are equipped with the latest methods which guarantee quality service.

Heat Pump Installation

A heat pump can provide quick heating and cooling for your home. And it can also reduce your utility bills since it transfers heat from the ground or another area of your house to the living room.

Water Heater Repair

What does a water heater do? It does precisely what its name implies. This device warms up cold water coming from the water supply pipe. Upon opening a tap or starting the laundry machine, it pumps the water throughout the house. While it may last up to 10 years, there would still be repairs in between. Attending quickly to your water heater needs would save you from future troubles.

Benefits of Installing a Furnace for Your House

Bid goodbye to 5 layers of clothing even at home during the winter. Enjoy the five topmost benefits of installing a furnace to keep you warm:


The furnace is the most common among all the central heating systems in America for its affordability. In addition, gas furnaces and oil furnaces' price range may increase in the future, but that doesn't erase the fact that they are energy-efficient.


Spend a decreasing amount of money on energy bills after your furnace installation. You will no longer worry about your skyrocketing heating bills.


On average, furnaces can serve you for 15 to 25 years. However, it may also last until 40 years if you have given it enough care and maintenance. What a good investment!


With a furnace, there will be no more numb hands and freezing feet. A fireplace can provide you heat, but can it guarantee you a consistent heat contribution? Well, that's yours to think.

Improved indoor air quality

Technology is everywhere, so look forward to the most intelligent furnaces nowadays. Enjoy your home with air humidification technology which removes contaminants in the air, resulting in better air quality. Who doesn't deserve one, right?

Hire Hawthorne PHS as Your Furnace Installer

A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

A+ rating from Better Business Bureau guarantees that Hawthorne PHC has been operating with integrity and excellence.

Affordable and clear-cut pricing

Who says that home improvement projects need to be expensive? We, at Hawthorne PHC, will prove that wrong. We only provide fair and transparent pricing, with excellent and top-notch quality service.

Experienced and trained professionals

Here at Hawthorne PHC, we only know experienced and trained professionals. Furnace installation or any home improvement plans are not easy; therefore, we don't want to fail you. We stay committed and dedicated to providing you the best service from start to finish.

Awards from Home Adviser and Angie's List

Recognitions from Home Adviser and Angie's List mean that we have, without a doubt, been delivering a high-quality service. These awards conclude our hard work, commitment, and dedication to making our customer's homes extra comfortable.

Same day service that is available

In need of an urgent repair? Don't worry! Our furnace maintenance experts will be right at your doorstep the minute you call us. You can count on us anytime.

Technicians to leave behind a clean workspace

Don't worry about the dust and debris after a long work of installation, maintenance, or repair. We are committed to offering our customers satisfaction; therefore, we got you covered from top to bottom.

Furnace Installation Services FAQs

How much should I pay for a furnace installation service?

Across all of our services, we pride ourselves on offering clients fair, upfront, and affordable pricing. Give us a call so we can give you a quote.

How much does a furnace call cost?

The common furnace call costs around $250. You may send us an inquiry for the estimate.

Do you offer discounts?

Of course! We provide military discounts. And there are coupons available which you can also use to help you with the costs.

Why Choose Us

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Trusting us guarantees you satisfaction as our technicians have gone through professional training. We offer first-class customer care and high-standard expertise.

Safety is Our Top Most Priority

At Hawthorne PHC, when we say safety first, we abide by it. We are committed to delivering high-quality services, but it won't be possible without our skilled team. Therefore, we take care of our technicians to keep you safe from electric shock or any damages.

Fair and Affordable Prices on Services

With our range of services, we guarantee fair and transparent prices. With Hawthorne PHC, you can make your home improvement plan into reality without breaking the bank.

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Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling is family-owned and operated company serving in Las Vegas, and other nearby areas. We have been in the industry for 15 years, guaranteeing that we deliver our services with the utmost quality. We provide families and homeowners different services for repair, maintenance, and installation needs, making them perform their daily routines with comfort.

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