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7/25/2017 - john Peters Jr

Kyle was great as always. Knowledgeable, friendly, and explained all options. A real asset to the company.

7/22/2017 - Frank Grace

Inspection of my AC system and changed air filter and gave feedback on condition and scheduled next service visit. Very professional. Thank you.

7/13/2017 - Janet Casey

Our water heater stopped working. We thought we would need to buy another one. Before buying, we decided to call Hawthorne and have them check it out.

We asked for service tech Felipe (He had been out on a previous call and had done an excellent job). Within 3 hours, Felipe arrived and fixed the problem. He showed my husband a few things to check out if we should have another problem before calling. No inflated charge, just a service charge. Nice to find an honest company that treats their customers right.

6/10/2017 - jenny Spanheimer

I needed my dishwasher replaced - plumber was on time and called to let me know he was on his way. He was very polite and kept things clean - even cleaned up the water that had leaked from the broken dishwasher. Very knowledgeable and efficient.


7/6/2017 - Ronald Delahousie

Took the time to explain the various water systems available so I could make decision regarding the best for me. Very friendly and informed.

7/6/2017 - Greg Schumaker

Technician was extremely helpful and gave good advice. Thank you.

6/17/2017 - Clay Nielsen

Hawthorne came out the same day I called and replaced my heat pump that day, the temperature was 117 degrees. Highly recommend Hawthorne Plumbing.

6/23/2017 - Mark Levy

On time. Found and solved my problem quickly. Excellent repair.

6/20/2017 - Charlene Spencer

Water heater took a $@!#% and it was time for a new one. Called Hawthorne and they were able to come in on the same day. Service man went over options for payments. The price was a little more than I expected but with the warranty and yearly maintenance in the price already. I just hope it pays for itself. Other than the price shocker, the company was really professional on the phone and for the installation.

6/13/2017 - Joe Carlisto

Completely satisfied. Hawthorne Plumbing Heating & Cooling has been here several times, and whichever plumber responds seems to know what they are doing. They work neatly, don't leave a mess and explain what needs to be done. Most recently we had something go bad, so he's going to come back. He diagnosed promptly what needed to be repaired and what needed to be ordered to be replaced, and he'll be back tomorrow to replace the part -- as long as the part arrives in the mail on time. I've been using them for several years and I like their response time. They are very prompt

5/1/2017 - Kim Grad

Technician was very thorough, making sure our needs were met. Our past experience with other companies the techs have been in a hurry to get to their next appointment. Thank you, Felipe, for doing a great job.

5/1/2017 - Hank Umland

Excellent service. Tech friendly and explained services performed. Tech , I think his name was Todd was excellent. Service was performed efficiently and timely. Would recommend Hawthorne , and I have already, to others.

4/29/2017 - John Helvitz

It was nice to see Hawthorne Plumbing offering the discount on the service contract to existing customers who have been with them for a few years and not to just new customers. Makes you want to stay with them.

4/20/2017 - Steve Turpin

Service and professionalism was excellent with Hawthorne. Very pleased with the experience of working with their company.

4/18/2017 - Mimi Frey

Twice now, I have a great experience with Hawthorn company. I think the guy that came to my house both times name Jake. He was wonderful. He make me feel like I'm not being cheated. He goes above and beyond duty. I will always use Hawthorn because of him.

4/10/2017 - Jonathan Trutter

Always a great experience. Many years a happy customer.

4/3/2017 - Judith Carin

I got myself a brand new air conditioning unit from the people over at Hawthorne Plumbing Heating & Cooling and it has been working great. The installation was so clean and easy that they were able to get everything up and running in half a day. They tried to get me on the service plan but I just don't see the point in sinking more money into something that is brand new. I am very happy with my unit and glad that I came to these guys for it.

3/14/2017 - Joseph Vellon

Your personnel are proficient in doing their job. we have a very positive view of hawthorne as a result of observing your personnel at work.

3/13/2017 - Karen Evanik

Hawthorne Plumbing Heating and Cooling did was wonderful. They came out, they were honest, and they knew exactly what they were doing. They unplugged my toilet and then there was something underneath the house they did, I'm not exactly sure what it was, but it was an ordeal. I didn't care for the price but I can't really do anything about that. Maybe that is just a normal plumbing thing, though. The service was excellent. I had never worked with them before, but I would go back, no doubt about it. They are very efficient. They find out what the problem is, and other than prices being on high side, there is nothing wrong with their services.

2/2/2017 - Hwan Kim

Excellent professional service. Felipe (didn't get his last name) was excellent in evaluating the situation and taking care of the issues at hand. Will recommend for future plumbing job :-) Thanks, Hwan

1/31/2017 - Carolyn Clifton

Always professional and kind. Been a customer of Hawthorne Plumbing since 2007. Wouldn't have any other company come to take care of things that need to be done.

1/26/2017 - Janet Indes

They are good.

I used Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling just this first time, and they did a good job fixing my plumbing and my heater and air conditioning. It was easy to make an appointment, and they were on time. They are good and I would use them again.

1/24/2017 - Pat M

I have been a customer with Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for 3 years. I have a service plan with them, so every few months they come out and do the maintenance on our furnace and air conditioning units. This last time it was for the furnace. The technicians that they send to me are always on time and they are very professional and do a good job. I recommend them.

1/18/2017 - Tamera Mills

Chris was great! He was friendly and explained everything. Would like to request him to come to our house for future work we may need!... Very professional. :)

1/17/2017 - David Bax

Always can depend on fast, efficient work on all my repairs!

Ivan from Hawthorne PHC located the part we needed and fixed the problem within an hour of our call. WOW!! Thank you again!!

1/13/2017 - George Barnum

Provided me with exactly what I need which was a whole house air and filtration system. Quick install and great service.

1/7/2017 - Dan Mc Lean

I woke up to no heat and determined it was in the blower. We looked up vendors on home advisor and Hawthorne was selected based on the number of responses as well as quality of the responses. We were not disappointed. They worked directly with my wife and provided here with an explanation of the problem as well as 3 alternatives. After discussing the alternatives we selected a single alternative and our furnace was operational within a short period of time.

12/20/2016 - Debra Hall

We called Hawthorne Plumbing Heating & Cooling because the furnace wasn't coming on for me the first time. Kyle, as always, came out and worked his magic and got the furnace running. We have a lot of respect for Hawthorne and all the folks that work there. Kyle is solid gold. We have recommended them so many times it isn't funny.

12/16/2016 - Jeannie Fleming

Fast Service and reasonable pricing.

We've used Hawthorne Heating and plumbing for three water heater replacements (this water is rough on water heaters) as well as plumbing issues. We had our last water heater bust on a friday night, I called Saturday morning and was happy to have someone answer, they had a plumber there that morning. We now use them for our annual maintenance so we don't have to replace it for another while. We also called them last week for a plumbing issue and they had someone out that same day. Their prices are also the most reasonable we can find around town and the plumbers are always super friendly and helpful.

12/12/2016 - Susan Dean

We were impressed with the professionalism and fast service!

Hawthorne Plumbing replaced two old toilets and the difference is fabulous! They are operating well and more comfortable than the builders basic, low toilets.

12/12/2016 - Adrienne Dabah

I am a longtime customer of Hawthorne Plumbing and Heating. I have found their technicians to be thorough, respectful and proficient. That is why I rely on Hawthorne to keep my plumbing and heating systems in good working order.

12/03/2016 - Jerry Mc Caslin

Very professional from the office personnel to the technician I dealt with. Excellent service and quality workmanship.

We had a water leak outside the house and called Hawthorne plumbing after reading some of their reviews. Showed up the same day to try and locate the leak. Was determined it was underneath the casita slab or patio we poured after moving in. Decision was to put in a whole new line from the water meter to the casita and house. After I had a ditch dug from the meter to the house they returned and installed a new water line with shut off valve and regulator. The technician, Ivan Diaz, was very professional from our first meeting through the entire installation of the new line. I feel like the pricing was fair for what they had to do. Also, I was very impressed with the receptionist I spoke with a few times. Would highly recommend Hawthorne.

12/01/2016 - Bill Sikora

Hawthorne helped me clean up a mess in my sold home. They were able to help me out when the new homeowner in the home I'd just sold her backed up from the laundry room all the way to the kitchen sink. I'd had this happen to me 10 years prior and I knew what a catastrophe it felt like till the problem was cleared. Hawthorn was able to respond the next morning and was able to clear the problem that one day.

11/30/2016 - Rashelle F

Great job. We have used Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling twice. The last time they came out was to check out our water heater to make sure it was working properly for the winter. They also replaced a shower lever for us. The guy was on time, very professional, polite and efficient. We have recommended them and we will use their services again.

11/23/2016 - Nick Dellapenna

Very thorough. The service tech was super knowledgeable and thorough. It is a great value and highly recommend this service.

11/21/2016 - Kelsie Mendenhall

Amazing!!! The downstairs toilet was backing up into the toilet. GROSS! After the tub filled up about halfway, realized that the main pipe was clogged and couldn't use any drains in the whole house. Then I talked to a plumber, that just happened to be at a neighbor's house, said that the pipe outlet in the front yard needed to be cleaned out. My 3 boys told me that they had stuck rocks down the pipe and, after more prodding, they said that they had used a rubber mallet to hammer huge fist sized rocks in to the pipe.

When the technician came to our house and realized what happened, he spent a LOT of his time to shimmy those rocks out of the pipe. Extremely grateful for his patience, so we didn't have to dig up our front yard to replace the entire pipe!

11/11/2016 - Susan Wolfe

Professional service at my convenience. Love being able to set up an appointment online. When I needed to change the time, I was immediately contacted to confirm the change. Had a plumbing job and heating maintenance done on the same day, and both Hawthorne professionals were very friendly and professional. So glad I found this company!

11/07/2016 - Linda Rogers

A+ Service.

Hawthorne was the first call I made when I noticed my hot water heater leaking and I couldn't have been more satisfied. Ivan was very pleasant and professional and answered all my questions. Thank you.

11/4/2016 - Jenny Spanheimer

Very thorough annual inspections.

Jake and Kyle came to do my annual heating and plumbing visits. Amazingly though - every faucet and toilet were inspected. Wonderful job explaining any problems, or possible problems. I highly recommend the annual inspection program!

10/30/2016 - Dr. Kelley

Good people. I've been with them since 2006; I signed up for their maintenance program after they rescued me on a weekend, and I am still with them all three years later. Thankful.

10/14/2016 - Andrea & Steve Ward

I think they are very professional, show up when they are supposed to. In Las Vegas, that's a big deal.

Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling takes care of our heating and air. They came back and did servicing for winter for the heater but, in the spring, we needed to have a hot water heater installed. It was leaking and we didn't know it, so it needed to be definitely replaced. They made all the arrangements and had it installed that same day. There was no waiting -- just made a phone call and they were here and that's it. Everything is fine.

9/29/2016 - James Morrison

Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating & Cooling installed a water heater for us about five years ago. We haven't really needed their service too much since then, until earlier this week. I had been gone for a week and somehow I turned the temperature down on the hot water tank, then turned it back up. Evidently, the pilot light had gone out. So, I called Hawthorne Plumbing to come out and take a look at it. They were very professional and even came out to the house the same day I called. They lit the pilot for me and serviced the tank. We are very satisfied with their service. We will definitely recommend them to friends.

9/19/2016 - Dale Wisniewski

The best response and service I have had with any plumbing company.

9/18/2016 - Charles Warfield

Terrific Service!

While the business description may not saturate you with information or praises, don't overlook this company because Hawthorne is fantastic! They are very courteous and helpful and have your best interests in mind throughout the entire process. Their customer service agents do a fantastic job determining the type of service you need and pairing you with the perfect serviceman as well as setting up your appointment. The serviceman is highly knowledgeable and capable and will not try to pressure you into buying something beyond your means or that you don't need. The focus is solely on resolving the problem in the most efficient way possible that you are also comfortable with you. While I have not had extensive interaction with plumbing companies I can say that Hawthorne nailed every aspect of the experience and are definitely number one on my list! I highly recommend using Hawthorn for your plumbing and HVAC needs!

9/6/2016 - Mary Kenyon

I would use them again! :) Customer service was excellent!

9/2/2016 - Richard Meara

Had 3 estimates and decided on Hawthorne (also had a referral). The old saying you get what you pay for, well Hawthorne was the highest bid, but happy I chose you, professional install, to code. Will refer to others in need, and if plumbing needed in future will call Hawthorne. Ian was a fantastic technician give him a raise.

8/24/2016 - karen Morales

My ac was giving me problems and would not turn off. So I started looking for a company to help me fix the problem with my ac. I was scared to trust someone who I never met to fix it. Well when I was looking for a good company to help Hawthorne ac came up with some other companies in my area that could help. Well I decided to call them and boy I'm glad I did. They sent out a wonderful man named Bryan T...I think that's his name lol. Well from now on he will be called if I have anymore problems with my ac. Love the company great customer service he was very understanding of my situation. I did not have the money to replace my ac and I know it needs to be replaced with a new one. Bryan was able to get it going with fixing a switch at a reasonable price and for that I'm great full. So with that being said go to Hawthorne for any ac problems. Thanks so much Bryan T.

8/18/2016 - Michael Owner

It was like I ordered a double-double. John was IN-N-OUT within 45 minutes. I placed the call 2 hours prior. He was professional, explained everything efficiently and was very quick. Hawthorne Plumbing is in my speed dial for future. Make sure you ask for John.

8/10/2016 - Jerry Kerr

After posting my problem on, Hawthorne responded within 15 minutes of the posting and arranged for an estimate the following morning. They were on time with a courtesy phone call a few minutes prior to arrival. Work began right away and completed by Ivan Diaz in a professional manner. He took the time to do all the extra work requested at a fair price and with a great attitude. Hawthorne will be our go to place for HVAC and plumbing in the future.

8/5/2016 - Robert C

Awesome job. AC went on a 115 day. My home warranty company assigned me to a company that could not be out for three days! I called Hawthorne and they were out within the hour. Ryan was a total professional, explaining step by step what he was doing and warning signs to be aware of. Highly recommended him and his company.

8/5/2016 - Bill Worrell

Mark set up a project to install floor drains in two of our cooling towers. The work was performed professionally and on time. The project overall came off flawlessly. I will definitely call Hawthorne out again.

8/3/2016 - Michael Hill

Hawthorne came out and looked at my 15 year old AC and gave me several options while explaining everything very clearly. He did not pressure me in any way to buy a new unit, but he told me all of the possible thing that may happen. I had two other companies come out and each pressured me to spend money on cleanings and services that the Hawthorne technician said would be a waste. The other two companies also quoted me at 700 more than Hawthorne. So I committed to Hawthorne and the technician told me they were having a sale on the ac units so I even saved 400 more. They could have kept their original quote and pocketed the 400, but instead they passed the savings along to me. Excellent, trustworthy and quick.

7/27/2016 - Lenika Coleman

My technician, Ivan, was very helpful and knowledgeable. He made the decision to replace my 10yr old water heater which had not gone out stress free as that was a major purchase for me. He explained the process in great detail and earned my trust and confidence.

7/15/2016 - Brett Loranger

HPHC was great in helping me fix my AC problem. You guys should be grateful to have a tech like Kyle!

7/08/2016 - Frederick Conte

I have been a customer of Hawthorne Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for many years now. They have never disappointed me. Thoroughly professional and honest. Kyle is the best around. Would not trust my A/C with anyone but Kyle!

6/10/2016 - Lilly Kessinger

I had made a service call wanted to see if someone could come over and check my air conditioning. I do have an older home. He came over and checked everything. He took time out to discuss what the issues were. He made me feel very comfortable in asking him questions. He was very knowledgeable in his field and very professional. We went over the issues and the things I need to fix. Thank you, Hawthorne! Thank you, Kyle.

5/27/2016 - Alvin Jackson

Jacob did an excellent job - on time, no surprise costs (everything was as quoted). He was efficient and cleaned up after he was done. He was very nice and courteous. Hawthorn will be our go to plumbers!

5/2/2016 - Peter Mansky

Review for Jake G. Plumbing Inspection. Jake was on time. He was polite, responsive to questions and knowledgeable regarding my house plumbing. He was thorough and efficient. This is important to me because I have 4 1/2 full bathrooms, double kitchen sink, web bar and utility room. He found things about my hot water system that needed adjustment and clearly explained why he had performed the adjustments. His rap up at the end was clear and precise. He did not push sales but was informative. He is the best I have had over my 12 years in Las Vegas. I hope he can continue to service my home.

4/8/2016 - Wesley Thurman

I am a master plumber in Minnesota. I was very impressed with Jacob G. Jacob took very good care of my mother in Las Vegas. I am a roving Superintendent with Gilbert mechanical in Edina Minnesota. I would hire him in an instant. I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Hawthorne is the only plumbing company that will work on my mother's house (when I can't be there)! Thank you again Hawthorne...and Jacob G. Wesley.

4/8/2016 - Rebecca DeWitt

Jake is great!! Explained everything to me and was very thorough about every part of his job. I for sure give 2 thumbs up and would refer him to anyone needing plumbing work done! Thanks Jake!

4/5/2016 - Kevin Callahan

Jacob was very professional and alterted me to all potential trouble areas for preventative purposes! Thank you, Jacob!

3/30/2016 - Lauren B.

Jacob was very helpful and honest.  Recognized and diagnosed the problem with my water heater right away, didn't gouge me on price, and was easy to talk to.  Explained everything very thoroughly, and for someone who doesn't know a thing about water heaters, I really appreciate that!  Was on time and the overall experience was as easy as it could be.  Oh!! And the Customer Service Manager, Kathleen, very helpful and great over the phone.  I deal with people over the phone all the time and she was accurate, prompt, understanding, and professional....things you NEVER seem to experience nowadays!!! Thanks to everyone!

3/30/2016 - Catherine O'sterloh

Kyle was fantastic. Very professional and gave me the impression that he really cared about my home and my welfare. He came on time, very polite and took his time.