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Indoor Air Filters for Your Home

How often should you change your filter?So there are a lot of questions regarding how often you should change your Air Filter, a lot of it will depend upon where you live in relation to certain areas of the country. Also it will depend on other factors of your home. Like do you or someone […]

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Staying Safe During the Corona Virus

Why Washing Your Hands is So ImportantYou all know at this point that you should wash your hands often and use proper alcohol based hand sanitizing solution when you can’t wash your hands, to prevent the spread of viruses, but also taking care to wipe down frequently used items with disinfectant wipes such as: Doorknobs, […]

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plumbing water conservation

Earth Day: 6 Plumbing Ideas to Conserve Water

Earth Day’s Inception began on April 22, 1969.  Since then our awareness of the need for conversation of our greatest resources have dramatically improved. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to leave our world a better place than we found it.The good news is that there are benefits to this consciousness that have […]

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If you are like most Americans, your home is one of your most valuable assets. And, once you have it, its upkeep and maintenance are your responsibility. Among these responsibilities is ensuring that your home’s plumbing system doesn’t ever malfunction.Plumbing issues come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From the relatively minor and inexpensive […]

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How to Stay Dry… by Keeping Your Sump Pump Clean

Multiple regions have experienced record rainfall this summer. Those storms likely have left more than a few flooded basements in their wake. Unfortunately, this disaster occasionally strikes homeowners who thought they were protected by a functioning sump pump.  When they find out that the unit malfunctioned due to overdue maintenance the results are less than […]

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Holiday Plumbing Care

The winter holidays are upon us – meaning more time in the kitchen, more guests in the home and a greater strain on your home’s plumbing.Use the disposal properly. Run cold water before turning on the disposal and keep it running until after all of the food is gone.Don’t overload the disposal. Avoid sending large […]

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Are Stinky Sewer Smells Wafting Out of Your Drains?

The miracle of indoor plumbing allows us to effortlessly wash and flush waste away from our homes — but that pipeline isn’t always a one-way street. When various problems arise, noxious sewer odors can come marching right back up the pipes and into your home. In addition to being unpleasant, those odors can bring health […]

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Plumbing Cameras Offer a View from the Inside

Not long ago, there was a lot of guesswork involved in household plumbing repairs. That’s because it was impossible to definitively know what was going on inside a pipe without exposing and removing it, which had to be weighed against the cost and hassle of doing so. Rather than spend thousands of dollars and digging […]

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What is the Right Temperature for My Water Heater?

There seems to be a common misconception that the maximum temperature allowable for a water heater is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This idea is compounded by the safety warnings on some water heaters informing owners that temperatures in excess of 125 degrees can cause serious injuries and death. Similarly, there are plumbing codes capping the maximum temperature […]

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Wait! Don’t Flush That! 8 Items that Should Never be Flushed

Whether you run on septic or sewer system, some items should never go down the toilet. Common do-not-flush items are posted in public restrooms across the country. Most of us know that we shouldn’t flush sanitary products, diapers, and paper towels due to their expanding properties and the notorious clogs they cause.But did you know […]

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