3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Needs a Tune-Up

Annual tune-ups help maintain longevity and efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Annual tune-ups help maintain longevity and efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Las Vegas s starting to heat up and summer is on it's way! However, it won't be long until the real heat hits. Is your air conditioner ready? If it's an older unit and hasn't been maintenanced for awhile you might need a tune up. On the really hot days your Air Conditioner is what you're going to want to keep you cool - all summer long.

Fortunately, air conditioner tune-ups are relatively inexpensive this time of year. And, in addition to an increase in efficiency, your AC will operate more safely throughout the entire summer - without an unexpected breakdown.

An un-tuned air conditioner might work fine in low level heat and the early summer but the heavy heat is far more taxing on your AC unit. The height of summer is when you are most likely to have issues, right when you rely on your air conditioning the most.

  1. Your tuned up air conditioner will save money on energy. Just like a car needs an oil change to keep it running well, an AC needs a recharge, cleaning and maintenance to maximize life-span and efficiency - resulting in lower energy bills.
  2. Prevent future AC repairs. In addition to overall increased safety and efficiency, annual tune-ups allow technicians to spot other simple problems that can be fixed to prevent larger issues in the future. Having an expert look over your system is the best way to prevent your AC from needing a costly repair.
  3. Keep tabs of your air conditioner's condition. Every time a technician tunes-up your air conditioner, they'll let you know exactly how the unit is performing. This way you'll know exactly what condition your AC is in and if there are any components that you might want to be concerned about. Fixing small problems before they become bigger is far less expensive.

BONUS! Allow for better overall operation and functionality. According to the EPA a well maintained air conditioner will operate, on average, up to 25% more efficiently than one that has been neglected.

Do you need a tune-up? It's never a bad idea, especially if you air conditioner's performance has been questionable - like having a hard time running, not cooling properly, making funny noises or producing a high draw on energy.